Instagram Down

Instagram down for some users again, just days after massive Facebook outage

Instgram Down

Some Facebook and Instagram users reported outages on Friday, and the company confirmed that it was working to resolve the technical issues. Instagram was by far the worst hit of the Facebook brands.

It’s the second outage for the tech giant this week, after a major outage affected its family of sites for most of the day on Monday.

It was unclear if Friday’s outage was due to the same cause or if it was just as large.

Just before noon on Monday, more than 83,000 people reported problems with Facebook alone, while nearly 64,000 people reported that Instagram was down. Around 2 p.m., more than 41,000 people still reported problems with Facebook.

On Friday, between 30,000 and 40,000 users reported problems with Instagram during the apparent peak of outages on Friday afternoon; Facebook and Messenger each had significantly fewer reported problems – around 3,000 and 1,000, respectively. Disruptions were reported to

By 4 p.m., outages had started to decline significantly, according to the website’s count.

The company said a “configuration change” had impacted users globally.

It added that the incident was not related to the outage that caused its products to go offline for more than six hours earlier this week.

Its Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Workplace products had been affected, it said.

“We are very sorry that you have not been able to access our products during the last few hours,” the company said in a statement late Friday. “We know how much they depend on us to communicate with each other. We fixed the problem. Thanks again for your patience this week.”

Previously, the web monitoring group said that for a relatively short period of time on Friday there was a flood of messages from users reporting problems with Instagram.

Some of them immediately took to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain about the second Instagram outage and share memes on the subject.

On Monday, Facebook, which owns WhatsApp and Instagram, blamed an internal technical problem for the major outage that affected not only company services, but also employee work passes and email.

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