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Squid Game

Squid game has made quite a hype these days, so we have decided to discuss its logo and branding details in this article.

Squid Game Logo:

The logo squid games consist of a some symbols which are being displayed on calling cards. These symbols remind us of a game console for example, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo which perfectly matches the theme. As all characters have to play a game so they could survive this out.

Squid Game

However, these symbols also has some strong reference to Korean language (The mother tongue of the show). The symbols are actually Korean alphabets HANGUL that together can be read as OJM as initials of Ojingeo Geim in other words squid game!

Check out the image below for reference.

Other Explanations:

Some people are associating the logo with Girl Group Loona’s Logo (Picture Attached). Another sharp eyed netizen compared it with a reality show called “We Got Married” in which celebrities team up and play games. Alliances make and break through the whole game to win the life changing prize money.

squid game loona logo

What we think about Squid Game logo design:

The logo design is the another prominent example of how Graphic designers communicate with their audiences through symbols. While we believe these shaped were chosen to represent the word Ojingeo Geim. These shaped are the initial letters of this word which you can also observe in the logo animation when watching this season.

The color scheme is also chosen carefully, white and black are monotone colors but pink creates joy and mystery at the same time. This carefully hides the purpose and meaning of the game but at the same time keep it interesting. Definitely the audience of this show will be glued to screens to see what happened next.

Get a Free PSD File of Squid Game business card:

squide game business card

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