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What is the difference between Ui and Ux design?

In this article we will look at UX vs UI design, examine the differences between the two disciplines

What is user interface (UI) design?

The design of the user interface is concerned with the aesthetics of the website:

Do users find it attractive?
Are the interactive elements intuitive?
Does the design feel natural and elicit a positive response?
User interface design is the visual side of web design. The job of the user interface designer is to perfect even the smallest detail on a website: color palettes, font combinations, images, forms, menus, scroll-activated animations, buttons, and more.

UI designers draw on research and design trends, industry analysis, and web design principles to create an interface and interactions that users feel comfortable and confident with.


UI designers have several goals:

Create interfaces that accurately capture the brand’s personality, voice, and values.
Create aesthetically pleasing interfaces that elicit positive user feedback.
Design interfaces and interactions that maximize conversions.

What does a UX designer do?

If you want to create a website that attracts the right types of visitors and makes them do what you want, then it needs to be built specifically for them.

Obviously, the objectives of the brand must also be met. However, those goals will never be achieved if the website is unable to convert visitors. This is why UX designers are an invaluable part of the web design process.

They improve a brand’s chances of success by designing from the user’s perspective.


UX designers have a twofold goal:

Design friction-free, user-first website experiences
Help your customers achieve their business goals through the website


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