Why you should use SVG Image format in your WordPress Websites?

All of of the website owners and developer always wonder. How they can optimize their website images so it could load faster. As we all know that speed is now a main ranking factor in Google’s search rankings.

Today we are talking about a just right format for your website. The SVG Format is the one that you are looking for.

What does SVG Stands for?

Answer: Simple Vector Graphics.

What is definition of SVG?

SVG is a XML Based 2 dimensional based vector graphics. Please note that SVG only support 2D graphics. SVGs have been around since 1999.

What are the Advantages of SVG?

Basically we are comparing SVG with JPEG and PNG formats. So now lets talk about its advantages.


Unlike standard images, SVG images are vector and do not lose quality when resized or zoomed in the browser. This makes them accessible for many devices and browsers. Raster formats like PNG and JPG become pixilated when resized.
SVG graphics are resolution-independent. Other image formats may require extra assets/data to fix resolution-based issues, depending on the device. For example, in retina screens, a @2x hack is required to display higher-resolution images. SVG doesn’t have such hassles and can be resized easily no matter the device or resolution.


SVG is a W3C standard file format. As such, it works well with other open standard languages and technologies including CSS, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. SVG-based images can be manipulated using JS and CSS because they integrate into the DOM. technically not images. Rather, SVG images are made up of XML code.


SVGs are extremely lightweight versus its counterparts. On Average a SVG is 50 times lighter then a PNG.


SVG can be printed into any resolution without any loss in its quality.

Indexable by Search Engines:

SVGs are indexable by search engines like Google, which make it more SEO Friendly then any other format.

What are the applications of SVGs?

Below are some of the best applications and scenarios that will require the use of SVG over other image formats.

  • SVG is ideal for displaying vector logos, icons, and other geometric designs.
  • SVG should be used for graphics that will be displayed in multiple sizes, screens, and a variety of devices. (Example Logos on your WordPress Website)
  • SVG is great for those graphics that needs to be updated and edited.
  • When you need to create simple animations, SVG is an ideal format. SVG can interact with CSS and JS to make line animations, transitions, and other complex motions. You can create appealing animations, and even special kinds of animation, including SVG line drawings. SVG can interact with CSS animation, as well as use its own built-in SMIL animation ability.

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